Info about FlairHQ

This is a special website. It was created to scratch an itch. A very niche itch: the organisation of references for /r/pokemontrades and /r/svexchange. /r/pokemontrades and /r/svexchange use reference pages to determine eligibility for the flair images next to users' names. Here you can input all of the trades/hatches you have completed, and then submit your application for one of the many flair levels. You can read all about the flair guidelines on the subreddits' respective wikis.

What are you waiting for? Get referencing!

example of some of the flairs

The Subreddits!

/r/pokemontrades is a place for trading, and /r/svexchange is a place for hatching shiny eggs. But really, if you don't know about the subs, you should go there first, not here. Why are you adding references if you haven't traded there yet?


The site was made by /u/YaManicKill and any bugs you find (or features you would like added) can be filed on GitHub. If you have any issues about the rules, or if you've been banned, you just don't like the sub or you would like to just moan about life, feel free to contact the mods. They aren't that scary. Honestly.


The site costs money to run, and because of this, we have opened up donations to allow people to help us fund it. If you wish to help, please do so.